First dishes

44 ₪
thin Slices of sirloin served with lime sauce and home bread
Filled mushrooms
36 ₪
With cheese and cream sauce
Antipasti Vegetable
36 ₪
served with home bread
Eggplant of the day
38 ₪
Ask the waiter - served with home bread
Cauliflower of the day
36 ₪
Ask the waiter
24 ₪
Served With chili sauce
Soup of the day
24 ₪
Ask the waiter
Homemade bread
12 ₪
Served with home dips
Grain bread
15 ₪
Served with home dips


From the garden salad
52 ₪
lettuce, purple Onion, feta cheese, sherry tomato, tomato, red pepper, basil leaves olives oil fresh lemon and Balsamic Sauce.
Health salad
52 ₪
Roasted sweet potato, mushroom, sherry tomato, cucumber, apple, lettuce, walnut, onion, sesame and Vinaigrette sauc
Toast Salad
56 ₪
Toast cubes with garlic and mozzarella cheese, feta cheese 5%, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and mixed nuts with olive oil and fresh lemon
Stir fried Halloumi cheese salad
56 ₪
Halloumi cheese, onion, mushrooms and sherry tomato stir-fried with Asian sauce on top of lettuce and cucumbers
Stir fried chicken
56 ₪
slices of chicken chest ,onion, mushrooms, red pepper, noodles and sesame stir-fried with Asian sauce
Greek salad
52 ₪
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, olives oil, olives and a fresh lemon
Extra Halloumi cheese / feta cheese on the salads
18/15 ₪
Served with homemade bread

Italian grill

Entrecot Steak
98 ₪
300 g'
Chicken steak
64 ₪
Grilled marinated in mustard and honey
79 ₪
Beef cooked 7 hours with red wine and root vegetables
Chicken chest steak
54 ₪
with homemade marinade
Chicken Liver
54 ₪
stir-fried with red wine and apples and Date Honey
Fish of the day
68 ₪
Ask the waiter
Served on HOT PLATE with side-dish of the day and green salad Glass of wine in 19 nis by ordering from the Italian grill section *

Bella mia oven

Cheese browned potato
44 ₪
With cream sauce and Mozzarella cheese
Open toast
44 ₪
Tomato sauce , Mozzarella cheese , Served with green salad
Pizza margarita
30 ₪
Tomato sauce and Mozzarella cheese
Antipasti pizza
36 ₪
Tomato sauce , Mozzarella cheese, Mushrooms, red pepper, onion and Roasted peppers
On top of the pizza
6 ₪
Mushrooms, onion, tuna, olives, pate cheese, red pepper, corn, Tomatoes


Penne , Fettuccine, cheese ravioli , sweet potato ravioli
46 ₪
Eggplants, HOT Napolitana sauce and feta cheese
Roasted chestnuts, Onion, Mushrooms and alfredo sauce
tomatoes and cream sauce
Cream , garlic and white wine
Classic Tomatoes sauce
Cream and mushrooms
Mushrooms , cream , white wine and garlic
Cream and pesto
Cream , pesto and garlic
Calf meat and Tomatoes sauce
Napolitana sauce, Beef cooked 7 for hours and Green Peas +10
addition of browning Mozzarella – 10

Bella mia kids

Spaghetti bolonez
36 ₪
Spaghetti Alfredo
36 ₪
Tomato Spaghetti
36 ₪
Chicken wings
36 ₪
Served with fried potatoes and green salad
Pizza margarita
36 ₪
Tomato sauce and Mozzarela cheese
Served till age twelve and with glass of lemon juice / orange juice / grape juice

Our special Desserts

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